Knowing a Brief Detail of the Android,

ANDROIDAndroid OS is kind of the most wanted operating system nowadays. Yup, the android becomes the one of the famous platforms of the smartphone nowadays. Many people use the android as the brain of their smartphone because of some benefits, such as the surface, the best engine and others. Well, in the occasion, we will talk about the some details of the best Android OS that can be the knowledge for you. It also can be the consideration before you buy the new smartphone.

The basic notion of the Android

The Android OS is kind of the smartphone platform with the Linux kernel as the basic. The Linux here is kind of the best basic that will avoid the android device from the virus. The android itself is developed by the Google. So, when you are the android user, you will find some kinds of the Google apps, such as the play store, the Gmail, and others. Then, the android is commonly adapted in the tablet, smartphone or other with the touchscreen based.

Talking about the system of the Android OS, you will be happy here. Yup, android is kind of the best system with the quickly development. The developer of the android always tries to find the new concept of this best Android OS in order to pleasant their customer. Nowadays, the newest version of this system is 5.0 versions. This version is called as the Lollipop. Well, the Lollipop provides the best appearance and also the great system that will color your communication.

Another special thing of the Android OS is about the application. Well, application is something important that will beautify your smartphone. The android is kind of the best system with lots of app. You can download it via the Play Store. There are many kinds of the free-available apps.

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